Meaning of Ògèdèǹgbé

The nickname of a famous Ìjẹ̀shà warrior.

Extended Meaning

Ògèdèngbé was a battle-field panegyric and nickname for Òriṣàríyìbí, the famous warrior and the Ọbanlá of Ìjẹ̀shàland. The nickname, Ògèdèngbé, is said to originate from his unique fighting style which involved lifting enemies up above his head. Due to his short height and therefore low centre of gravity, so he is able to stand firm in battle without falling, as he lifts up his opponents before slamming them hard on the ground. On the battlefront, or after returning from war, his panegyric is rendered as, "Ògèdèngbé Agbógungbọ́rọ̀, ati kan kan lójú ogun", meaning, "Ògèdèngbé who craves war as festivals, walks in majestic strides in the face of war" Ògèdèngbé would go on to conquer territories across modern day Yorùbá land and into the present day Edo and Delta States. He is known to bequeath a number of children from women offered to him as gift, concubines or spoils of war across Àkókó, Èkìtì, Ondó, Edo and Delta areas. Today, several descendants of Òrìṣaríyìbí across these areas use the last name, Ògèdèngbé, Ògèdègbé or Ọbanlá. Among others, Òrìṣàríyìbí was decorated as Ògèdèngbé; Balógun of Iléshà; Sẹ́ríkí Àjànàkú of Ìjẹ̀shàland; Generalissimo/Commander-in-Chief of the Èkìtì Parapọ̀ Army and The Ọbanlá of Ìjẹ̀shàland. Source: www.ogedengbe.com





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