Meaning of Adéwùsì

Royalty multiplies/is influential.

Extended Meaning

The name Adéwùsì, sometimes, spelt and pronounced 'Adéùsì, is the Family name of a royal stock in Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria. The prefix - 'Ade' - (Crown) confirms that bearers of the name are of royal birth. Adewusi or Adeusi Family in Ijebu-Ode is one of the branches of the larger Gbelegbuwa Ruling House, one of the ruling houses in Ijebu-Ode which produce Awujale - the paramount traditional ruler of Ijebuland in Ogun State. Gbelegbuwa Family ' the royalty that earned glory by his character from home or his source') produced the immediate past Awujale of Ijebuland- Oba Daniel Adesanya. The homestead of the Adewusi Family is Odo-Esa in Iwade Quarters of Ijebu-Ode. Odo-esa hosts the shrine of a diety known as Obinrin-Ojowu (the jealous woman). Ogboroganda whose appellation is Obanta ( the King is outside') was reputed to have on his arrival at Odo-Esa in Ijebu-Ode from Ile-Ife, planted or stuck his mystic staff in the ground which staff grew into a mighty boabao tree and diety which Ijebus appease with dogs. Oral history held that Ogboranganda was a grandson of Olu-Iwa, the progenitor of all Ijebus who led the first wave of migration from Ile-Ife to found Ijebuland... See: Ògúnwùsì




adé - crown, royalty
wùsì - be influential, multiplies


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