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Meaning of Ocán tomí

It is said among devotees within cuban òrìs̩à tradition that the name means "water and heart," or, alternately, "heart of water." In yoruba language, the name is derived from several possibilities. Ò̩kántò̩mí is the abbreviation of Ò̩kántò̩míwá or Ò̩kántò̩mídé, meaning "one (child) came directly to me" or "one (child) arrived directly to me." It can be used to refer to a child born after one has attended a festival for devotion to a yorùbá deity praying for assistance with fertility. Another possibility is Ò̩kántómi, meaning "one is enough for me." It suggests that the mother or parents gave birth to a single child after many failed attemps or infant deaths. (àbíkú)

Extended Meaning

Ocán tomí is a popular name used among initiates of the deity Oshún (Ò̩s̩un in yorùbá language) within cuban orisa tradition known as Santería, Lucumí tradition, or Regla de Ocha. Chief Fama, in her book "Òrìs̩à Names", suggests that it is derived from the name "Ò̩s̩unnìkantóómi" meaning "only Ò̩s̩un is enough for me."




ò̩kan - one
tò̩ - to follow after
mi - first person pronoun; me


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Okán T'omí, Ocán tomi, Okán tomi

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