Meaning of Oddualá

Among practitioners of Cuban Òrìsà tradition/remnants of Yorùbá culture in Cuba, the belief is that it means "the mantle of the prince." In fact, this is derived from the Yorùbá name "Odùo̩lá" which means "Odù of wealth." Depending on context, Odù may refer to Orisa Odù, the deity who is the principal wife of the Ọ̀rúnmìlà. But it is also a name given primarily to devotees and priests of Òrìṣà Odùduwà, ancestral father of the Yorùbá nation.

Extended Meaning

The name is used in Cuba as well as in countries of the cuban diaspora such as Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico, United States, Spain, Mexico, among others. It is typically one of the possible names that can be given to initiates of O̩bàtálá in the Cuban orisa tradition.




Odù - abbreviated form in reference to the historic and religious figure Odùduwà, father of the Yoruba nation
o̩lá - wealth, nobility


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Odùọlá (the Yorubaland/Yorùbá language version)

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