Meaning of Ofeicita

In cuban usage, the meaning they give it is "witness of the itá." (Itá is what cuban orisa devotees refer to the divination with 16 cowries shells on the 3rd day of an orisa initiation.) This name is derived from Fèyís̩ìtàn (alternately "Fèyís̩ètàn"), short for "Olúfèyís̩ètàn," meaning "The head of the household used this one to make memorable history."

Extended Meaning

The name is used among those that practice afrocuban Òrìṣà religion. It is often used as a temporary or long-term title for one that is particularly good at transcribing the divinatory information given to the initiate of a cuban orisa initiation. In the same cuban orisa tradition, it can be chosen through the oracle to be the spiritual name of an orisa initiate. Cuban practitioners consider Òrìs̩à Ò̩s̩un to be the first transcriber of oracular information during òrìsà initiation and hence is the first "ofeicita." (witness of the life-reading for an initiate) In Ò̩yó̩ dialect, Fèyís̩ìtàn is pronounced / rendered "Fèyísìtàn" WITHOUT the diacritic under the “s”.




fi - to use
èyí - this, this one
s̩e - to do, to make
ìtàn - history, story


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Feicita, Ofeisita

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