Meaning of Olúfọ́n

1. The mushroom expands. 2. The name of the king of Ifọ́n

Extended Meaning

Olúfọ́n means Ọbàtálá also known as Òrìṣà Olúfọ́n or Òrìṣànlá. It is translated simply as "King of the White Cloth" It is also the title of King of Ifon, an ancient town founded by Oláòṣà Aládìkún who is reputed to be the first son of Ọbàtálá. Oláòṣà Aládìkún was directed by Ifá to establish his town wherever he found Olu (mushrooms) spread on a tree populated by weaver birds literally translated as "ibi ti olu fon si" where mushrooms spread. Thus Olúfọ́n. "Mushrooms spread" became synonymous with the King of Ifọ́n who is representative of Ọbàtálá (his progenitor) and the name is interchangeably used for Obàtálá because of his popularity and worship in Ifọ́n. NOTE: The first Ifọ́n is in Ọ̀ṣun state while another one is in Ose local government of Ondo State. There is also Olúfọ́n of Ṣẹ̀pẹ̀tẹ̀rí and Olúfọ́n of Amọ́jẹ̀ in Oyo state. (Note by Adémọ́la W. Tóyè)




olú - mushroom
fọ́n - spread, be widely distributed


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