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Among practitioners of Cuban Òrìṣà tradition, Omi Saide is said to mean "the crown of water." In actuality, the cuban orisa name Omí Saidé is derived from the Yorùbá name Omísè̩hìndè. It means "water remained after (as replacement)." Omi (water) is a prefix used for a number of names for devotees of Yorùbá river deities such as Yemo̩ja, Erinlè̩, etc. The name can suggest a series of abiku or still births where intervention by one of the water deities prevented further child deaths. It can also mean that after a series of only girls that a boy was born at long last. An alternate version of this name is Omísè̩hìndé, meaning "water has arrived finally." This suggests that after period of barrenness a baby arrived with the help of a water deity one paid devotion to.

Extended Meaning

This name is used in the cuban Santería/Lucumí community for initiates of Yemayá (Yemo̩ja in Yorùbá language). Yemayá is a sea goddess among practitioners of cuban orisa tradition, derived from Yemo̩ja that is a prominent river deity among the Yorùbá people. *** Omí Osaindé is another Cuban rendition which they (cuban practitioners) believe means: “the water that hits the reefs.” This was the Lukumi name of Trinidad Torregrosa, important bata player and constructor of drums. See :


omi-sè̩hìn-dè, omi-ṣàn-dé


omi - water, used as a prefix for names of water deities such as Yemo̩ja, Erinlè̩, etc.
sè̩hìndè - to remain behind
sè̩hìndé - to arrive at last
ṣàndé - flowed to us


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Omísè̩hìndè, Omísè̩hìndé

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